EM Magazine Reports on Elvis Costello at CREW

Some of the Elvis Costello / Roots collaboration album – “Wise Up Ghost”album was recorded here at CREW Studios, and this is explored in Electronic Musician magazine’s article:

Costello cut a lot of his parts in Crew Studios, a new-ish mid-sized facility in North Vancouver, where Mandel auditioned several vocal mics for Costello and settled on a prototype CM12SE from Advanced Audio Concepts.

“My favorite Elvis albums are the two from 1986, Blood and Chocolate and King of America, where if you listen to a song like ‘Little Palaces’ [King of America] or ‘Battered Old Bird’ [Blood and Chocolate], the vocal is right up in your face, really direct, really clean, like Elvis is standing right in front of you, and this mic was just doing it, especially that prototype we used in Vancouver.”



“Transitioning Into A New Generation Of Recording” Professional Sound Magazine

A special thanks to Andrew King and Kevin Young over at Professional Sound for creating this wonderful feature on CREW studios in this months issue of Professional Sound Magazine.

View the article here (Pages 34-37)

CREW STUDIOS "Transitioning Into A New Generation of Recording"

CREW STUDIOS “Transitioning Into A New Generation of Recording”

A walk through CREW Studios

When I first got word that there was opportunity with CREW I was given a private tour of the facility by it’s technical advisor and current studio manager Mike Cashin. The next day I summarized my first impressions into a short summation:


“We wanted to give the best of both worlds. A great analog front end with the API and complete hands-on control of Pro Tools HD, in order to adapt to an internal work-flow that is quickly progressing.” says Mike Cashin, technical advisor, recording engineer and contributing designer to Crew. “Our system can work in two formats, track on the API and mix on the D-Control, or track on the API and mix on the API. Everything is patchable on the Icon. We’ve also got plenty of nice outboard preamps to satisfy those that want something a little different.”

Without a doubt CREW Studios is an impressive facility. It showcases a remarkable attention to detail that is normally only found amongst facilities that have been in operation for many years, decades even. The builders and developers did an excellent job in attending to all the necessary details, appealing to a wide variety of professionals at every level and in every genre. It is clear that they had a tremendous interest in creating a glorious recording environment. Even the aesthetics of the studio seem like the work of Zen mastery. There is an API 1608 recording console fronting CREW’s signal chain and complete hands-on control of the industry standard Pro Tools HD system is achieved with the Avid Icon. There is plenty of great outboard, a wide variety of excellent microphones, and all the necessary, everyday nuts and bolts have been considered. CREW Studios offer’s an exciting, progressive and practical approach to making world-class recordings.

CREW Studios was re-designed and re-built in the shell of what was once Bakerstreet Studios, a familiar and respected recording
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CREW Open House this Wednesday

CREW Studios will be hosting an open house this Wednesday December 19. It is an open invitation for the music community of Vancouver and North Vancouver to walk through our facility for personal conversations about your projects and desires. Please join us between the hours of 3 and 7 pm.


CREW studios is constructed in the space that was once Bakerstreet Sound Studio on the north shore of North Vancouver, British Columbia. It perfectly blends the influence and character of an original late 70’s recording studio with the resolution of the modern day sound. Designed by Chris Potter, this studio can keep up with any caliber recording artist. Our environment is suited for the world’s best and our rate is designed to be affordable for those who aren’t topping the charts just yet. I would like to emphasize the fact that this facility is BRAND NEW. We’re not talking inexperienced or poorly prepared, we’re talking high class deluxe model with all the trimmings ready to be driven hard and fast. It is very exciting for me to be on board for the beginning of this great rise.

Are you coming in to record from out of town? We can make all the hotel arrangements for you with the luxurious Century Plaza hotel and spa in downtown Vancouver.

We can see the future, only time will put us there.

Looking forward to showing you around!


Tel: 604 987 7383




Hey Everybody,

I hope your summer was good…or productive.  Hopefully both!

We’ve been busy here at CREW.  Our summer HAS been productive.  We’ve changed the acoustic treatment in both the live rooms and the control room to tighten things up, and it’s sounding the way we like it now.  Sessions have been going great, and we can’t wait to do more!







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So it seems summer has FINALLY decided to grace us with it’s presence here in Vancouver, and we need to work on our tans (studio tans, that is!)

So to keep us out of the direct sunlight (and still enjoy it through our glorious skylight), we’re offering a summer special here at CREW!

We have 2 demo/EP packages to choose from.

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As promised before, one of the things we want to talk about is the equipment that CREW has to offer.

The most recent thing we’ve acquired is a pair of Grace Design m501 preamps.  While we haven’t had a ton of time to play with these just yet, we are extremely impressed with the few recordings we have used them for.


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 contact us

Contact us to arrange a tour!

We are excited to show the space off!!!!!!!!!!!

recording space


OK…all gear decisions are made and equipment has either arrived or is en route!  This is very exciting.

Here’s the news on the console selection.  We wanted to do something different from other studios.  But what to do?  Well…how about 2 consoles?!?

We’ve decided to keep the old analog ways alive, but also embrace the future, arms wide open.  The best way we can think to get the best of both worlds is to literally get the best of both worlds.  So ICON…meet API.  API…meet ICON!

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