Steven Mandel (Roots Engineer and Co-Producer of the Roots/Elvis Costello album):

Matthew Lovegrove - Woodland Telegraph

Working with Mike is like going on a hike with an old friend- it is a great adventure, an amazing learning experience and best of all, he will treat your songs as good as he treats his friends. That is to say, he will live, sleep and breath your music during pre-production and mix, and help you explore new sonic landscapes, getting you stoked on the possibilities the whole time.

I hired Mike as a mixer/producer two albums ago, but somewhere along the way, he became a member of the band!!

Woodland Telegraph

Paul Lambert - Louder Than Love

I have worked with Mike on a number of different projects spanning the last 5 years. He enabled us to release a more than professional sounding CD without a Major Label budget and limited time. Thanks to his editing, engineering, mixing and musical spidey sense we have reaped the benefits of this album since it’s release.

It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him to someone looking for a product that will stand the test of time.

Louder Than Love

Dave Hadgkiss - Folk Thief

Working with Mike was the best decision I made. His years of experience, professional attitude and limitless patience helped me make my first record a success. When it came time to mix the album, he displayed incredible skill at balancing all of the elements perfectly and allowing the songs to sound as natural as possible without being weighed down by tricks or effects. He helped me achieve the natural, clean sound I was looking for.

I can’t wait to work with him again.

Folk Thief


Mike recorded and mixed our second CD from start to finish.  Two things about his process stand out:

* Details:  We have the recording notebook from recording our CD.  It looks like a New York phonebook…every take, every setting, every comment, all written down.  Tabbed, labeled, dated and organized to the final detail.

* Transparency:  We got to watch it all.  He explained what we did not understand, and we got to see and hear our songs being built like a well planned work of architecture.  Thanks to his process we always knew what was going on, and had control.  This helped us to be better prepared decision making participants.

Mike understood what we do, and the album we made with him is a beautiful showcase of our achievements.


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